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Shining a Light on Domestic Violence


Last Friday at the Fingal Joint Policing Committee (JPC), we had a significant discussion about the incidents of domestic violence being reported across Fingal. Each of the superintendents for the four districts (Blanchardstown, Swords/Malahide, Howth, Balbriggan) set out the number of offences in 2016 to date, the 2015 comparison, and any specific measures they had introduced to deal with the area.

The availability of these statistics were on foot of a request that I had made earlier in the year that each district would report on their domestic violence figures along with other crime statistics that they present at the quarterly JPC meetings.

The discussion on domestic violence wasn’t specifically on the meeting’s agenda. It flowed naturally from the fact that each superintendent had made comments about the domestic violence stats in their area. This was exactly the outcome I was hoping for when I made the request for the stats to be provided – that we would give a greater public profile to the issue of domestic violence. It is widely understood that this is a significantly under-reported crime. So when victims are brave enough to go to the Gardai, it is important that those of us who are public reps take account of that fact.

In the discussion, we learnt that some districts are now using a Domestic Violence Liaison Officer, who calls back anyone who reported an incident to check up on the situation. A phone service for high risk victims is also being implemented.

The JPC is made up of the Gardai, local councillors and TDs and a number of community representatives. Hopefully, this group can spread the message of the importance of tackling domestic violence across Fingal.

Update on Waterville

Response from Gardai to questions about crime/anti-social behaviour in Waterville

Response from Gardai to questions about crime/anti-social behaviour in Waterville

Some residents in Waterville asked me to address issues related to some break-ins across the estate over the summer and concerns about anti-social behaviour in Waterville Park.

I’ve raised these issues with the Gardai through the Fingal Joint Policing Committee. You can see the responses attached.

I’m glad to see that the Gardai took quick action to address the particular spike in burglaries and that they will continue to monitor the situation.

If any residents have any further queries about this, please get in touch.

Council agrees to my call to tackle anti-social behaviour black-spots in Coolmine Woods

Coolmine Woods 2 (1)

Following on from requests I had received from local residents, I put a motion down calling on the Council to remove the large boulder in the middle of Coolmine Woods, which is often the site of anti-social behaviour. I also asked the Council tidy up the ground around the large ‘Coolmine Woods’ namestone opposite the fire station.

I am delighted that the Council have agreed to act on these requests. The large boulder will be removed over the summer. The Council have further agreed to undertake planting around the stone plaque to improve the situation there.

Tir na nOg Park – Follow Up


Following on from the attack in Tir na nOg Park a few weeks ago, I’ve been working on a number of fronts to improve security in the area.

I previously mentioned that the Council are seriously considering the installation of lighting along the path that runs beside the boundary with CCC. Also, following requests from myself and other councillors, significant cutting back of trees and shrubs has taken place, which will significantly improve visibility in the area.

I also contacted the Gardai regarding security in the park generally. As you see from the response below, extra patrols have been provided in both marked and unmarked cars. The Community Gardai have been liaising with local residents about enhanced security in the area.

I will update further once the lights for Tir na nOg Park are confirmed.

Response – Gardai – Tir na nOg

Update: Tir na nOg Park

At the local area committee of Fingal County Council yesterday, myself and other councillors raised last weekend’s vicious assault in Tir na nOg Park. The Council Management stated that the costings for putting lights along the pathway at the boundary of Tir na nOg Park and Castleknock Community College were currently being drawn up. The are reasonably confident that the work would be included in the works budget for 2015. This is a really positive development as previously, my efforts to call for lighting here were rejected out of hand.

The Council also confirmed that extensive tree pruning and thinning would continue, particularly around the entrance with CCC/The Carpenter.

I’ve also written to the Superintendent in Blanch Garda Station to get an update on the investigation into the particular crime, and to highlight wider issues of anti-social behaviour that has taken place in Tir na nOg over the last few months.

We are just entering the 2015 budgetary process at the moment, so I’ll keep up the pressure to ensure that money is allocated for the public lighting.

I’ll post again when I have more details.

Update regarding Street Lights on Mill Road, Blanchardstown

I was in touch with Fingal County Council and at my request they have repaired the two broken streetlights on Mill Road on either side of the N3 underpass.

I’ll continue to pursue the National Roads Authority about the broken light in the underpass itself and Connolly Hospital about the lights within their own grounds.

Fingal CC must prevent illegal Christmas tree dumping at Carpenterstown Park

Fingal County Council used to have a Christmas tree recycle point at Carpenterstown Park, but last year stopped using it in favour of a single site at the Blanchardstown Town Centre. Unfortunately, a significant number of people still think this is a collection point, and dumped their trees there this year. These were subsequently set on fire.

Last year, a sign was placed on the green specifying that it was not a recycling point. While it did not completely stop the trees being dumped, it certainly cut down the number compared to this year.

I’ve written to the Environmental Department of Fingal County Council and requested that they erect the ‘no collection point’ sign at the Carpenterstown Park green next year.

Update: I’ve been in touch with the Fingal CC Depot in Coolmine. They’ve said they will put up the sign next year to ensure that people know this is not a location for the disposal of Christmas trees.

Update: Anti-social behaviour at Porterstown Park Pitches


I’ve received a response from An Garda Siochana in Blanardstown regarding the anti-social behaviour at Porterstown Park pitches.

The Superintendent has referred the matter to the Sergeant in charge of Community Policing for further investigation.

I also was able to get the issue highlighted in the Blanch Gazette, where Fingal County Council commented on the matter.

If you live in the Luttrellstown area and encounter anti-social behaviour, or if you see evidence of drinking at the Porterstown Park pitches, please get in touch with me.