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Minister Kelly has provided no evidence to back up his threats on housing standards

Last week, the Minister for Environment wrote to the Chief Executive of the four Dublin local authorities, claiming that “viability of new development and therefore supply, will be placed at risk by insertion of unreasonable or excessive requirements in relation to the standard of housing g or ancillary services and facilities …”. This comes in response to a Green Party proposal in the Dun Laoghaire – Rathdown Development Plan to include provision for ‘passive housing’ standards in the development plan. A Green Party councillor on South Dublin County Council was able to insert a provision on rainwater harvesting in that areas plan.

Passive housing is a housing standard where by using thorough and precise building design housing can be constructed with an energy demand 90% lower than most buildings. These buildings become extremely cheap to heat and run in the medium to long term.

Minister Kelly is actually seeking to have councillors in local authorities enact lower building standards. He wants us to permit houses that will be colder, less efficient and more costly for home owners to run. He has provided absolutely no evidence to back up his claim that these houses are more expensive to build. Indeed, there is ample evidence that passive houses are now being built for the same cost as the usual, less efficient houses.

I’ve no doubt the Minister has been lobbied by vested interests like the Construction Industry Federation and NAMA. I’ve submitted a Freedom of Information request to the Department asking for all communication and lobbying that it has received on this issue. I think that housing standards should be set according to what is going to be best for home owners, not what suits big builders. This is how I will vote when this issue comes up for discussion in Fingal.

Letter from Min Kelly to Paul Reid, Chief Executive of Fingal CC

Government must commit to sustaining ‘green jobs’


There was some good news on the jobs front on Friday with the publication of a report by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) showing that thousands of jobs had been created since 2009 through energy saving schemes. The report demonstrates the success of the initiative Eamon Ryan took in creating these energy saving schemes when he was Minister for Energy.

The report shows that over 6,000 jobs have been created through the Home Energy Savings Scheme and the Small & Medium Enterprise Programme. It demonstrates that the individual energy saving measures have resulted in householders saving an average of €450. Since the schemes were introduced in 2009, over 100,000 homes have upgraded insulation, boilers or heating controls. Almost 1,500 SMEs have received advice on how to reduce their energy costs. The measures have also resulted in significant cuts in carbon emissions where they have been applied. 

The challenge now is to ensure that these successes are carried forward. As the report itself demonstrates, the schemes save much more than they cost. For every €1 spent by SEAI, there is a net €5 benefit to society”.

The Green Party has always argued that changing how we use energy can be good for the economy, the consumer and the environment. This report shows that measures we took in government are creating jobs, saving money and reducing emissions. Now it’s up to the current Government to commit to sustaining this green jobs success story. If I’m elected as the new TD for Dublin West, I will use my position to ensure that energy efficiency programmes are strengthened.

Press Release – Home Energy Saving Scheme will create jobs, fight climate change and save householders money – O’Gorman


Green Party Castleknock ward candidate, Roderic O’Gorman has warmly welcomed the announcement by the Minister for Energy, Eamon Ryan of a major new Home Energy Saving Scheme.

“The new Home Energy Saving Scheme is a major initiative pursued by the Green Party which will create jobs in the building sector, help Ireland reduce its carbon emissions and save householders up to €700 per year”, stated Roderic O’Gorman.

“€100 million is being made available by the Minister for Energy in 2009 for people to upgrade the energy efficiency of their homes through alterations such as roof or wall insulation, efficient boilers or room control heating systems. The money will be divided into two schemes, one directed at private homes and a second directed at local authority rented accommodation or private homes with low incomes (Warmer Homes Scheme). Grants from the Home Energy Saving Scheme will be available to householders from March, but those interested in availing of them can register with Sustainable Energy Ireland immediately”.

“In the current economic crisis, this new scheme makes real sense. Energy efficiency has a huge potential for our economy, and better insulation will lead to warmer and more comfortable homes, lower gas and electricity bills and many more jobs in our communities. There is also the major benefit that this scheme will allow us take a step to reducing our carbon emissions to meet our commitments under the Kyoto Protocol”.

“I would urge anyone interested in this scheme to look up the Sustainable Energy Website and register their interest in the grants now”, concluded Roderic O’Gorman.


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Roderic O’Gorman: 087 417 9777

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Editors Note: measures and the fixed grant rate

Roof Insulation: €250
Cavity Wall Insulation: €400
Internal Wall Insulation: €2,500
External Wall Insulation: €4,000
High Efficiency Boiler with Heating Controls Upgrade: €700
Heating Controls Upgrade Only: €500
Building Energy Rating Assessment: €200